Offering Youth Cheerleading for grades 2 - 8

  Yorktown Athletic Club, Cheerleading  Offering Youth Cheerleading for grades 2 - 8  
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Keep your head high, your bow higher, and your self-confidence the highest…


Cheerleading is a true sport and our ranks are filled with some of the most energetic, talented, and committed athletes in this Town!   

Our youth cheerleading program involves so much more than just cheering our home teams to victory or performing crowd-pleasing dances or stunts. Our program provides many physical, mental and emotional benefits while teaching our girls (and boys!) the important life lessons of preparation, dedication and working together as a team - unrivaled practice for the larger arena of life!  

Come the fall, not only do our cheerleaders grace the sidelines at our YAC Football Games with their enthusiasm, athleticism and beauty - they bring that same level of grace and intensity to competition mats all over the Taconic region!

Yorktown has a proud history of accomplishments both on those sidelines and on the big, blue competition mats.  However, all of this has been and will continue to be the culmination of months of hard work and dedication by our tremendous volunteer coaching staff and of course our amazing athletes. 

Commitment is the key!  Athletes in this sport begin practices the second week of August and our season continues until the end of November.  Please know that while our program is fairly flexible, fun and rewarding, cheerleading is a real commitment and cannot be done on a part time basis! 

Attendance and positive participation at all practices (summer and fall) is critical to the success of each squad. Routines, dances, stunts cannot be choreographed or learned and performed if the full squad is not in attendance.

As such, cheerleaders are encouraged to come to practice even if they cannot cheer due to an injury or minor illness (cramps, allergies, etc).  That way they can still learn what’s new and where they fit in to their team activities and most importantly support their team!  

YAC Cheerleading wholeheartedly welcomes all athletes who will treat their coaches and teammates with kindness, respect and dignity. 

We respect the YAC Code of Conduct and we have a ZERO TOLERANCE Policy and will be enforcing the Code of Conduct at all times.


At YAC Cheer, we believe in the 7C’s to Building a ‘Winning’ Team:

1. Coaching

2. Character

3. Communication

4. Commitment

5. Contagious Energy/Enthusiasm

6. Caring

7. Consistency


What an amazing opportunity we all have this year as coaches, parents and cheerleaders to help redefine and reenergize this program and all of our individual teams! 

I am 100% certain we have it right this year with the first and most important piece towards winning – our coaches!  Our volunteer staff this year are AH-MAZ-ING!

Also, YAC Cheer is all about having both sideline sass and class!  At YAC Cheer, winning doesn’t mean coming in first, second or even third place everywhere we go, it means building teams and youth athletes who have character, commitment, compassion and enthusiasm.

With these qualities and goals always present, we feel that Yorktown wins every time and every place regardless of the numbers on those scoring sheets!

You’ve gotta start with coaches who have these qualities first and then it trickles down fast!

Cheer Loud & Proud,
Jessica Gorman
YAC Cheerleading Commissioner